Kraut Music Festival Finds Its Queen After All

The Kraut Music Festival has its queen.

Local high schooler Brooke Baer received the tiara and sash Thursday night before a large crowd at Memorial Park in Caledonia, Racine County.

It was just weeks ago, that organizers said the friendly competition might not even happen.

Nobody had applied.

Within days of the story hit the airwaves, applications came flooding in.

So impressive were the young ladies who did take part that the judges insisted on an extra on stage question to be sure of their selection.

Baer told the crowd that the first thing she would do if selected would be to thank her family and friends for supporting her and the special education children she works with on a regular basis.

The Queen will now frequent the festival grounds through Sunday to make sure everyone has a good time enjoying music and food and sauerkraut of course.

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