Klement's Celebrates 60 Years

Wisconsin company with a rich history in Milwaukee is marking a major milestone today.  

Klement's sausage is celebrating its 60th anniversary. 

The company has grown from a small sausage kitchen to one of the largest producers of old world sausage products.

They also inspired the Brewers mascots, the Klement’s famous racing sausages.   

Klement's held an open house for the media today to showcase its history, present and future. 

More than 400 people now work at Klement's and the president says there are plans to hire more.

 "We're gonna remain a vibrant part of the Milwaukee community for the foreseeable future," Ray Booth, President & CEO of Klement's. "we have plans as we expand our brand nationally, that production and those sales will come out of these offices here."

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