Milwaukee officials face questions following man's death on Kilbourn Avenue bridge

NOW: Milwaukee officials face questions following man’s death on Kilbourn Avenue bridge

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Officials in the city of Milwaukee are facing questions after a man died on the Kilbourn Avenue bridge.

Seventy-seven-year-old Richard Dujardin of Rhode Island died last month when the bridge opened with him on it. 

We're learning video of the incident does not exist. Officials say the bridges are monitored by cameras. All of the cameras were working when Dujardin fell to his death, but the tragedy is not recorded.

"The video would prove you didn't make a mistake versus proving you did. Now it's all speculation and guess work."

"So we have live video feeds that are on the bridges themselves, but that video is not recorded," said Milwaukee DPW commissioner Jerrel Kruschke. When asked what the video is for, Kruschke said, "So you can actually visually see what's going on before you operate the bridge."

We obtained surveillance video of the incident, but from a distance. Officials were asked if Dujardin walked onto the bridge after the gate went down. They declined to speculate. 

The person who operated the bridge remotely is on leave. 

Both DPW and Milwaukee police are investigating.

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