Kids rock out at Summerfest

 Keith Urban was the headliner Friday night but the \"real\" opening act played hours before and CBS 58 was lucky enough to have behind the scenes access to their concert

Though the faces of the \"UB the Band\" members change every hour, fans here say the sound is on point  these guys and gals cover all the top hits.

The band members range in age from barely walking to nearly professional but they play for free.

We were lucky enough to catch some of the stars before the show

\"I come up with songs a lot, I can make up my own songs a lot,\" said Ryan Weisenburger, an 8 year old band member.

 \"I used to take drum lessons. Now I just do it for fun,\" said Calvin Whitney, a12 year old band member.

I was kind of nervous but it was just for fun. So it was ok,\" said Heidi Abramabicius, another 12 year old drummer.

\"UB the band plays three shows every day of Summerfest between 12 and 4 PM  and any children are invited to play, free of charge.

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