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Kettle Moraine High School open Wednesday following non-credible social media threat

KETTLE MORAINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Kettle Moraine superintendent says there will be more security at the high school following a non-credible social media threat.

According to a letter sent to parents, someone posted "8:50 a.m. - December 4" online. However, the post was traced to an IP address in Thailand. 

Classes are scheduled to run as normal Wednesday. 

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Stephen 117 days ago
It's obvious the person who posted the threat used a VPN. That's why the IP was in Thailand. It's so easy to spoof where you are online. It's possible to find the exact person who posted the comment to, but no, just see where it came from and call it a day. No further investigation. Are you actually serious? Nice work, KM.
Payton 117 days ago
There is a way that you can change the IP address to somewhere so even if it was traced beck to thailand we should still be worried. it could have been someone fron the school who knows their way around a computer and/or technology and has the power and knowledge to change these things.
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