Kenosha Water Doing Residential Inspections to Prevent Basement Flooding

With spring just around the corner, the Kenosha Water Utility is working to prevent basement flooding and water contamination.

Kenosha Water Utility combined several mandated inspection programs together about four years ago.

In that time, they say they've gotten a positive response and are keeping the city safe at the same time.

The combined programs include the cross connection control survey, which takes count of every point of water use in your home like faucets, toilets, hoses, etc.

With the sump pump inspection program which works to help prevent basement flooding and keeping the sewer system and ultimately your drinking water clean.

The water utility combined these programs more so for convince to homeowners, so multiple appointments aren't necessary.

Residents receive a letter in the mail when it's time to schedule these inspections which are required and it's proven to be successful so far.

"We're usually ahead of the curve. We're finding problems in our systems before they actually become problems. There is obviously unavoidable things like water main breaks, and rain events you can't just plan for those excessive flows, but beyond that I think we're very proactive beyond that  on trying to find problems before they cause any property damage or catastrophic failure,” said Curt Czarnecki, Director Of Engineering; Kenosha Water Utility.

The inspections are required once every 20 years or so, but with the current population, it'll take crews about 15 years or so to get to all the homes.

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