Kenosha Man Allegedly Backs into Squad Car While Intoxicated

A Kenosha man allegedly backed his car into a Village of Sturtevant Police Officer’s vehicle while drinking and driving on Saturday, according to a criminal complaint.

Gilbert Harper has been charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and possession of tetrahydrocannabinols.

On Saturday around 2:30 AM, an officer was parked in the Fountain Hall parking lot at 8505 Durand Avenue. The officer was monitoring a group of individuals who were causing a disturbance at the business.

According to the complaint, another vehicle backed into the officer’s squad.

The officer made eye contact with the driver who allegedly mouthed, “I’m sorry” and then attempted to drive away.

Harper was able to exit the parking lot but was slowed by the cars in front of him exiting.

The officer ran over to the vehicle and knocked on the window. Harper allegedly ignored the commands and did not respond until the Officer opened the car door.

The officer noted a strong smell of marijuana and alcohol. The alcohol smell was coming from Harper’s breath.

Harper allegedly failed three tests for impairment. 

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