Kenosha Homeless Shelter Closes

NOW: Kenosha Homeless Shelter Closes

The First Step Services homeless shelter closed its doors on Monday morning. 

"We wonder what's going to happen to these people..But the City of Kenosha and everyone is is not," said Mark Schroeder, works at FSS. 

FSS has provided meals and a place to sleep for more than 200 people this year alone. The organization took in anyone who needed a place to stay for the last 14 years. 

But neighbors in the area complained to city officials that the guests were littering and loitering in the area. When it came time for the FSS to renew their refuge license, the owner said the city made it very difficult and FSS decided to close its' doors. 

"This is not going to stop us because we are going to continue to help people," said Schroeder. 

CBS 58 reached out the Alderman Jan Michalski about the closure, he replied. 

"Everyone's hearts reaches out to these individuals but First Step Services were not helping these people."

On Monday, people came by to pick up their belongings at the facility.  For some in the Kenosha community, they have nowhere else to go. 

"That's my option a tent or prison. I don't think the community completely understands the ones who wanted to shut this place down what it means to the people who stay here," said Dawn Missler. 

Organizers plan on helping the homeless community through outreach. They will be handing out care packages and sleeping bags. 

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