Kenosha County Board candidate says dozens of campaign signs were stolen

NOW: Kenosha County Board candidate says dozens of campaign signs were stolen

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A woman running for the Kenosha County Board is taking a stand.

Esther Roberts says dozens of her campaign signs were stolen and she has evidence to prove it.

"All I want and all I've ever wanted is a fair democratic process. When the democratic process is tampered with, that's when everyone loses," said Roberts.

Kenosha County Board candidate Esther Roberts says she referenced county maps, called the register of deeds, and even spoke to the realty company that owns the plot of land she put her sign up at.

"I put my signs up there and the next day, they were gone. No one else's, just mine," said Roberts.

A different sign was put in its place. 

"There's a crude sign that says no trespassing, private property, this means you Esther, and it's still up there," said Roberts. 

A trail camera captured two men taking the signs.

The Kenosha County Sheriff confirms they are investigating a theft complaint from Roberts but they can't disclose much more about the open investigation. 

"If I can't speak up about this, how can I speak up for constituents," Roberts said.

Not only if she saying something, a role model for her 10-year-old daughter, she's doing something too.

"My daughter was very upset when she found out my signs were stolen. I thought about what do you do and what have I taught her to do when there's a bully bullying her," Roberts said. 

Roberts worried if she placed any signs placed near roads, they would get taken. With all of the campaign signs she had left, she formed them into the shape of a heart on a friend's property. 

"We put this heart out to show I'm not afraid of bullies, and also I am not angry at you. I love my town. I love my village, and this is how I choose to respond."

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