Kelda Roys wins Democratic straw poll for governor

NOW: Kelda Roys wins Democratic straw poll for governor

(CBS 58) -- Previously lesser-known gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys made a statement, winning the straw poll at the Democratic convention.

"We're done voting against things aren't we," Roys said at the convention. "We're done arguing about the past. It's time for a new generation of leaders."

Marquette Political Science Professor Paul Nolette says winning the WisPolitics poll puts her somewhere near the top of a crowded field.

He also says being one of only two women in the field helps.

"If you look across the country, women have done very well in Democratic primaries," Nolette said. "So she might be able to ride that dynamic to a victory, potentially, in the Democratic primary in August."

The 38-year-old Roys won 23.3 percent of delegate votes. Wisconsin firefighter's union president Mahlon Mitchell was second with 11.8 percent.

"Can we make sure we take care of all citizens of this state?" Mitchell said at the convention." "All Wisconsinites. And the answer to you is we can do that."

State superintendent Tony Evers finished third, with 11.5 percent of delegates.

"I truly believe in our kids, and what's best for them is best for our state, and best for our Democracy."

Nolette says the fact that nobody has separated themselves much in a field of ten Democrats, makes Scott Walker a favorite.

"It's just him, running on the Republican side, and the Democrats are going to have to start raising some money quickly, and they're not going to have a whole lot of time to campaign once, especially once the primary happens in August."

Marquette is expected to release a more comprehensive and scientific poll on the candidates later this month.

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