Justice on Wheels program takes Wisconsin Supreme Court to the people

WAUKESHA -- History is made in Waukesha County court Tuesday, as the Wisconsin Supreme Court heard oral arguments there for the very first time.

It's all apart of the Justice on Wheels program which began in 1993.

Since its inception, more than 9,000 people across the state have had the chance to see first hand, how the state's highest court carries out its duty to interpret the law.

It is one of many goals of the judicial outreach effort.

\"We decide cases according to the law and facts, not our personal preferences,\" said Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

The seven Justices used that philosophy during oral arguments of three cases.

Area high school students watched their every move and listened to their every word. Sitting inside the courtroom, they were able to put their classroom lessons about the judicial process into real life practice.

It is that experience the State Supreme Court wants bring to communities once a year, outside of Madison.

Dixon Elementary School 5th grader Anne Chen impressed the Justices with her essay. It argued why the constitution should be changed so all children can have Internet access.

Chen was surprised to win the contest and calls her interaction with the Justices insane.

\"A message for people out there, always think you can do it because I didn't think I could do it ,\" she said. \"Well, here I am.

Waukesha is the 25th Wisconsin county where the court has sat for oral arguments under the Justice on Wheels program.


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