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'Just waiting:' Issues with IRS stimulus check website

’Just waiting: ’ Issues with IRS stimulus check website


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Millions of Americans got stimulus checks deposited into their bank accounts, while others are feeling left out. They're also running into issues with the new IRS check tracker website.

Mother of four Damaris Williams of Racine said the pandemic relief payment would greatly help her family. “We don’t know how long this is gonna play out, so we just wanna make sure bills are covered,” she said.

Williams checked the status of her relief payment on the IRS portal, but ran into a number of problems. She didn’t recognize the bank account number listed.

“It said it would be deposited April 15 and it had four digits at the end that don’t belong to me.”

After logging in a few more times, Williams then got locked out. “You keep trying, it says you’ve exceeded the amount of times you can check this information, so come back in 24 hours,” she said.

People all over social media are also posting about other problems, such as the site being down due to the high number of people trying to track their money. For others, the site isn’t showing them much at all -- they’re getting a screen that reads, ‘Payment status not available.’

“I’m just waiting, I guess. I don’t know if they’re gonna update the tool,” Williams said.

Sometime this month, the IRS will mail letters to those getting stimulus checks to inform them when and how a payment was sent. 

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CathySullivan 10 days ago
This is insane..I've been waiting for 3 months for my stimulas check...everyone I know has already received their is in their bank accounts as well as in their mailboxes. This is insane I am disabled and was really counting on that money I do not receive a disability check I've been waiting for disability for several years now but I did try to work in 2018 are for I had a W-2 forms that I did file last year every time I tried to use the IRS portal where's my payment and I put all my information in it continuously says that my records do not match with the IRS records have I've tried everything I even filled out the new foreign they said that the out and put my new address for the mail still haven't received it I checked my bank cards it's not there either I can I get a hold of nobody but you can't get anywhere on the internet because it just keeps taking you to that stupid IRS portal this is insane and not fair I'm sorry but then what's worse is when you make a comment with it why am I even bothering making comments nobody ever buys the van anyway
Sonya CathySullivan 2 days ago
Try this link.She gives step by step instructions on how to speak to a real person.
I need to speak to a real person too and got further than ever. Due to high call volume, a recorded message asked me to call back. But you should definitely try this.
RasheedahSalahuddin 29 days ago
Been seeing this message for like 10 days now....Payment Status
You are eligible for the payment. Once we have your payment date, we will update this page.

We will deposit your payment to the bank account below.

Do anybody know if I still will get it
JeffLott 40 days ago
I signed up on the get mypaymentportal at 6:45 the very first day it opened. it has been 10 days now, and it still shows me a message saying I am eligible for the payment and they will update the page whenever a date is set. Very frustrating,that they have had my deposit information for 10 days now and have done nothing.it's like the government is dangling a carrot in front of your nose to keep you distracted from everything else going on.
wordsworth 40 days ago
I'm locked out of IRS site for over 24 hrs now. No stimulus check came and last I could log in it said, "my money would be deposited when they had a date" or something like that.
stevenray81 43 days ago
from day one of the Get My Money tool I gett to the site and enter the info on the get my payment link where it ask for SS#, DOB, address and zip but it tells Me my info don't match anything on file, I've filed My taxes and go refund direct deposit. I can go on the check refund status and my info matches and show Me that status but the get My Money says My info don't match. why isn't IRS customer service open when government facilities should still be open and running. People need help and have questions and going to the site isn't helping or providing answers.
stevenray81 43 days ago
From day one of the Get My Money site/link I go to the site and enter the info on the get my payment link where it ask for SS#, DOB, address and zip but it tells Me my info don't match anything on file, I've filed My taxes and go refund direct deposit. I can go on the check refund status and my info matches and show Me that status but the get My Money says My info don't match. why isn't IRS customer service open when government facilities should still be open and running. People need help and have questions and going to the site isn't helping or providing answers. So what can be done about this?
MarieCarroll 44 days ago
It want let me in the where my payment tool.. Says ive accessed it to many times or my information is wrong. I been in it once a week ago still cant get in. My taxes were done by jackson Hewitt serve card but my stimulas was not sent to it where is it what do i do ?
Katiemae85 44 days ago
I updated my bank info successfully and for two days it said waiting on a direct deposit date now when I check it, it says a check will be mailed out April 24th What’s the point in the site if we are just gonna get a check anyway
wordsworth Katiemae85 40 days ago
..at least your check is coming...some of us still have no idea when it's arriving.
MissWood78 44 days ago
I have had nothing but issues with the new get my payment tool, I went on early morning the first day they put it up and was told I entered the wrong info, so I tried again and got locked out so I tried the address from my 2018 tax return which was filed with H&R Block, unfortunately; either way I still couldn't get in. So I waited next day still same thing then next day same thing, but that day I waited until a little later in the afternoon and was able to get in with my 2018 return info, which is crazy because I moved and was unaware that my 2018 would be used over my 2019 return, I am dumbfounded, anyway it has now been 2 days and about 5 hours since I have been able to sign in I used the same info as before and I am locked out I don't get an option of anything it has said that I have to check back in 24 hours because I am 1) Using the wrong info (not the case) or 2) I have logged in too many times, not possible if you never logged in that day and it has nothing to do with the time either. I have waited exactly 24 hours to try again and I am apparently on permanent lockdown!! I am beyond frustrated I cannot work, I have kids to feed, Bill's stacking up and no way to pay them, I had to use the last of my cash to pay the rent I cannot wash my laundry because I normally go to the laundromat and I can't go, matter of fact I am going to have to dig up a dollar in pennies so that hopefully I can get toothpaste and I cannot even get an idea of when or how I am gonna get my stimulus payment or if the direct deposit info is in the system and in the system correctly. I don't know what to do and I know I a, not the only one, but I am at a breaking point it's taking all I have just to hold it together! The thing is that if I have kids and I could go without and deal with everything if it were just me but they depend on me and their father and if we are unable to get what they need then they have no options they depend on us and right now were depending on the government, so if anyone can offer any solution please do. Thank you, Aleisha Sasser
Ericarose1220 46 days ago
Ive been locked out the GET MY PAYMENT PORTAL now for 4 days... FRUSTRATING!!!!! ANY ONE ELSE BEEN LOCKED OUT THIS LONG???
Yes just wrote a long post about it super frustrated they should open a hotline for people having any issues. Instead your left wondering if they even have the right information to send your payment, and in my case I found out they are using my 2018 return and not my 2019! I dont even live there anymore and I had an emerald card. I did a change of address so if I get a check hope that works, even though I did update my direct deposit info, but who knows can't even get in to see!!!
I have been for a week now
whateveroverit 47 days ago
been locked out since Tuesday, so much for a 24 hour reset......
Me too been able to go in once and update direct deposit that's it and haven't been able to get in since that was Thursday or Friday last week
Rjapple 47 days ago
For all those complaining you want your money and cant get in, relax. Complain elsewhere. You are dealing with our Govt and at their mercy. You will get into the site when you get in. (and thats doubtful) Most likely you wont get back in and will have a check sent to you in two weeks. Its free money that was unexpected so chill.
MissWood78 Rjapple 44 days ago
Maybe if some of us didn't have kids and an income coming in we could chill but that's hard when money, free or not that was promised to you to help because you cannot work is not here and you don't know how your gonna get it or if they have the right info or not to get it to you. I could care less and would be fine if it were just me but my kids cant help themselves right now and where I live I can't find any assistance that can help right now, so maybe before you tell others to chill you should think about how maybe their situation may be different compared to yours. Also of you aren't curious yourself why are you even reading or posting about it?
MarieCarroll Rjapple 44 days ago
U must have yours good for you
Sabrina 47 days ago
Still locked 🔒 out I don’t know how they expect anyone to make the information correct this away when it want let u I have entered my information in right and it still says don’t match idk I guess were just left waiting wondering confused I think there needs to be another way bc this is to hard to much to confusing
MissWood78 Sabrina 44 days ago
I agree a hotline or something maybe!
Sabrina 47 days ago
I have had the same issue try putting in the information and it locks me out I’m a tax payer and work hard for the less hours I get now it’s frustrating not bein able to do anything an watch others walk around with there stimulus payment no problem I had direct deposit on a card for my refund I don’t understand or get why it can’t be sent the same As my refund was it makes no sense at all 😤
DreaLu 47 days ago
I noticed all the comments were from yesterday. Any luck today? I've been locked out for more then 24 hours and don't have any clue why all my info was correct. Can anyone give me any info?
Ayeesha 48 days ago
if you check wheres my payment and it has an account number those numbers are the last digits of your social security number. that means that the check went to the tax preparers bank and they will send it to you in the mail.
Felicia 48 days ago
So every time I try to check mines it says info I entered don't match records what does that mean
stevenray81 Felicia 43 days ago
Same here cant even get in to do anything
JasonRose20ss 48 days ago
How does this issue get resolved ive been locked out since the 15th basically wtf frfr
lonnie JasonRose20ss 48 days ago
My tax expert tells me it’s a waiting game and we don’t have any control over it, smh
JasonRose20ss lonnie 48 days ago
So what is the solution
There is no solution just wait and hope for the best, I hope my kids understand why they cant eat this week or why their pet cat is starving. Who knows I got in once updated my direct deposit and have been locked out since and it took days just to be able to go in and do the bank info. They also used my 2018 tax return and not my 2019? So IFK FI
Eliza 48 days ago
So I have been locked out since wed , I had seen that I wld get a deposit in a bank act that wasn't my act # so my tax preparer said that was my last 4 and that I needed to wait to update my deposit info.. but I can't cause I'm locked out since wed. Get this crap fixed #IRS
paige 48 days ago
Same.been locked out since 10:30 am yesterday and it still wont let me back in. So frustrated at this point..
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