Jury finds father guilty of sexually abusing daughters

MILWAUKEE -- Thirty-one times Milwaukee County Judge David Borowski read a guilty verdict against a Milwaukee man we refer to as \"E.B.\" to protect the family's identity.  E.B. was accused of sexually abusing five of his own daughters.  Wednesday, a jury found him guilty on all but one charge.

\"I think they make sense and we're very pleased with the outcome,\" Assistant District Attorney Sara Lewis said.

Lewis initially went after E.B. with 42 felony counts including  sexual assault, incest and kidnapping.  She dropped ten charges, but felt, with the  daughters' testimony, the state still had a compelling case.

\"Justice has been achieved for these five young ladies who were subject to really some  unspeakable forms of abuse,\" Lewis said.

The seven-day trial had its share of strange and outrageous moments.  E.B. had chosen to defend  himself, but lost that right after countless outbursts and rude behavior.  He was removed from the courtroom many times.

\"[You saw] The kind of power and control dynamic that we see in situations like this, only it played out in  court,\" Lewis said.

\"You aren't going to see this every day,\" standby defense counsel Scott Anderson said.

Anderson was ordered to pick up the pieces of the defense late last week and had overnight to prepare.  He thought the  judge should have reset the case.

\"I thought a mistrial was appropriate, for that reason and other reasons, but he ordered me to do  it and I had to do it,\" Anderson said.

Now, a family may get some closure while the father stares at life in prison.  He'll be sentenced Monday afternoon.

\"Most all of us in the community want our children safe and want to think our neighbors' children  are safe,\" Lewis said.

\"I spent a lot of time with him,  I care about him,\" Anderson said of E.B.  \"But he has taken his toll on me.\"

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