Jordan Stolz qualifies for 2022 Olympics

NOW: Jordan Stolz qualifies for 2022 Olympics

A decade after struggling to make it down the backyard, Jordan Stolz made it all the way to the Olympics.

The Kewaskum 17-year-old qualified for the international games Thursday, Jan. 6 at the Pettit National Ice Center.

"Everything's on the line, everything I ever trained for," Jordan says.

Jordan won the 1,000 meter race, clinching a spot on the sports' biggest stage. It's the Olympic dream coming full circle. He first got into the sport watching the 2010 games.

"We just decided to try it on the pond. Just bought a pair of skates. My dad, sister and mom that's how we started, just watching it on TV.

The Olympic dream started with his family but unfortunately due to the pandemic they weren't allowed in for qualifiers.

"Of course I'd like them to be there to watch, but it's just hard for everybody. All the spectators. And it's hard for the sport too."

The area's newest Olympian will try to qualify in the 500 meter too where he already holds the fastest time in U.S. history. Scott Grodsky, CBS 58 sports.

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