John Doe investigation into campaign activities off again

MADISON-The on again off again John Doe investigation into illegal campaign coordination is off again for now.

On Tuesday, the probe into conservative group involvement in Governor Scott Walker's recall campaign was put on hold by order of Federal Judge Rudolph Randa.

On Wednesday, an appeals court in Chicago put Randa's injunction on hold.

On Thursday, Randa reinstated his order to stop the investigation.

 Prosecutors who are leading the probe may appeal this latest decision.

The Director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, Eric O'Keefe, told CBS 58 News that, \"Thanks to Judge Randa’s decision, I look forward to reengaging in Wisconsin and speaking out on issues I believe in.\" 

Wisconsin Club for growth is one of the groups that sued to get the probe stopped. 

Its legal counsel, David B. Rivkin issued a statement Thursday saying:

\"The Seventh Circuit identified a technical oversight, and Judge Randa’s revised injunction order corrects it. We are confident that this injunction will remain in place because, as Judge Randa found, the John Doe probe is an abuse of government power to target private citizens for exercising their free speech rights.\"


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