Jay Anderson's Family Announces List of Demands for Law Enforcement

The family of Jay Anderson Jr. stood with a list of demands for law enforcement at north Milwaukee church Wednesday. The family has an clear message, "We want the footage released."

Anderson was shot and killed by a Wauwatosa police officer back in June as family says he slept in his car in Madison Park. As the officer approached the vehicle, he says he saw a weapon and feared for his safety.

The family is asking Wauwatosa Police or the Milwaukee County DA to release the all the footage revolving Jay Anderson's death. They say that includes dash cam footage from the officers car and new footage of a second squad car that arrived after the shooting. They say these videos show inconsistencies. What is said on camera, what happens on the video and the written sstatement are different.

"there was a conversation between the officer who did the shooting the and officer who arrived on acne he asked him what happened. that conversation does not match what the officer wrote two days later in his written statement. please realized the dash cam was turned off then when he radioed in you get 20 seconds that shows what transpired. that does not match his tatement on the scene," said Michael Kemet, Anderson Family Friend.

The family recently watched enhanced dash cam footage and the additional footage from the second squad on scene. They say during this video the officer arriving asked the officer that shot Jay Anderson, "what happened?" and that's where the inconsistency arises.

"He then said that they were going back and forth. 'There's a gun.' He said, 'No, there's no gun there,' and he said Jay Anderson Jr. reached for the gun three or four times. That doesn't fit. That's not what he says in his statement. Get the statement that's not what he says," said Kemet.

The family is also asking for the officers name to be released. They say more questions will arise about the officers conduct, including the fact the officer may have applied for disability before the shooting.

Jay Anderson's family says they are going to fight for what they want united. Family of Syville Smith and Dontre Hamilton were also present for the announcement.

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