January Odds and Ends

NOW: January Odds and Ends


Our tame winter has started to pick up speed this month. Although we continue the trend of above normal temperatures, we just experienced our coldest morning so far this winter and our first single-digit temp now in the books. Check it out: 

 We have not felt single-digit temperatures in Milwaukee since last February, where on the 20th, we fell to five degrees. That was 343 days ago! But like I said, overall mild weather continues to rule. While our average high sits at twenty-nine all month, so far this January has an average temperature of 28.3 degrees. 
 This mild mark puts us at the 15th warmest January to date. And here's more good news: 
 Tonight will be the last sunset before 5pm until DST ends next fall! As we talk about things picking up speed this month, that's been especially true for snowfall. After a quiet start to winter, January now sits above average on snowfall: 
 With no snow expected today, we've seen 17/28 days with at least a trace or more of snow. Speaking of.... more snow is on the way this weekend. It's starting to look more likely that the shovels will need to come out this weekend! More on that on the CBS58 news today at 4pm. Tune in!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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