Jake Patterson to appear in court Wednesday

NOW: Jake Patterson to appear in court Wednesday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Jayme Closs has been back home with family members for weeks now but this week, the eyes of the state will be back on her hometown of Barron.

The man charged with kidnapping her and killing her parents has a court date on Wednesday.

It's expected that members of the Closs family will be here for the preliminary hearing and that Jake Patterson will appear in person.

It will be the first time that the victims' family comes face-to-face with Patterson.

Patterson will enter a plea to the four felony charges he faces.

According to the criminal complaint-Patterson admitted to methodically planning to kidnap Jayme Closs after he saw her getting on her school bus. He allegedly told detectives he killed James and Denise Closs, took Jayme to his Douglas County home and kept her barricaded under his bed.

The day he was arrested, Patterson told police he left Jayme under the bed and went Haugan, a small village in Barron County where his mother and stepfather live.

One neighbor says he hasn't seen Patterson's mom since news of the arrest, but he did talk to the suspected killer, shortly before he got caught.

"Just seen him in the backyard one day for 10 minutes, just talked to him. Seemed ok, but you never know," the neighbor said.

The Douglas County District Attorney announced he does not plan to file additional charges against Patterson for crimes committed during the 88 days he held Jayme, citing in part "victim-related concerns."

Patterson already faces the maximum sentence allowed in Wisconsin -- life in prison with no possibility of release.

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