Jackson County Sheriff's Office hopes to identify a skull from 1978

Jackson County Sheriff's Office is investigating a human skull that was found in 1978.
On August 15, 1978 the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a human skull, which was located by loggers in a remote wooded area in the Township of Knapp near Village of Warrens, WI.  
A post-style earring was located near the remains.  
 National Missing and Unidentified Persons System and the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification are assisting the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.  An anthropological report of the remains was conducted.  
It is believed the skull belonged to a white male, approximately 28-52 years-old.  
A computer generated reconstruction was created by a forensic artist.  The reconstruction is a scientific approximation of how the victim may have appeared in 1978.  The victim’s hairstyle, presence or absence of a beard, mustache, eyeglasses and eye color are unknown.  
This person is believed to be a victim of a homicide.  
A DNA profile and dental records are available and have been entered into NCIC and NamUs databases.  
Law enforcement is attempted to identify this person; anyone with information about the identity of this person or the circumstances of the homicide should contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at (715) 284-9009.     
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