'Packed with people:' Large fight breaks out on Milwaukee's lakefront

’Packed with people: ’ Large fight breaks out on Milwaukee’s lakefront

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police and deputies responded to the lakefront after a brawl Tuesday night. At least two large fights and several disturbances broke out between McKinley and Bradford beaches around 8 o’clock.

“The sidewalks were packed with people,” said Tanya Calderon, Milwaukee resident. “Weed, smoke was everywhere.”

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office says once they arrived, the altercations were over. However, beachgoers say things are getting out of control.

“Fighting and things like that, there’s too many kids out here. Too many families out here for that kind of thing, and coupled with this virus thing,” said Ulysses Rodney.

Beachgoers tell CBS 58 there was no crowd control. People were also gathered all over – not wearing masks, and not social distancing.

For parents like Calderon, it’s upsetting. “We as parents have to worry about a virus, and then worry about the fact that people don’t know how to control their emotions,” she said.

She fears if the reckless behavior continues, it could have a negative impact.

“Everything will be shut down, and it’s sad,” Calderon said.

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