'It's like a dream': Bucks fans flock Downtown to watch Game Six

’It’s like a dream’: Bucks fans flock Downtown to watch Game Six

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58)-- Bucks fans are glued to TVs around the city tonight, hoping for a win. 

It's not even a question for Dennis Blanks.

"It's going to happen tonight, guaranteed," Blanks said.

Bucks fans, like Blanks, are confident the team will win game six and secure a spot in the NBA finals against the Phoenix Suns.

"It don't even seem real. It's like a dream because I never thought I'd see the Bucks one game away from going to a championship," Blanks said. "It's almost like you can touch the door, but you got to grab it."

Bars and restaurants are filled with strangers. Although tonight, they're neighbors.

"Everyone knows each other, even though you've never met," Collin Truitt said. "Just the energy and the comradery is insane."

Fans told CBS 58 the best part of this playoff series is watching Milwaukee come alive with excitement.

"Overall, the environment is just incredible," Jack Kemp said. "It's electric and I think that's what Milwaukee sports is all about."

Milwaukee Police are making themselves visible on Water Street after shootings and fights broke out after past Bucks games.

"Today is the day that we put Milwaukee on the map," Javarius Merriweather said.

Win or lose, fans want to see the city celebrate responsibly.

"I hope it will be peaceful, but fun," Blanks said. "Enjoy it because it might not happen again for 50 more years."

If the Bucks do go on to game seven, fans believe having the home court advantage could make it an easy win.

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