"It's like a blessing": Dozens gifted with free gas on Milwaukee's north side Saturday

NOW: “It’s like a blessing“: Dozens gifted with free gas on Milwaukee’s north side Saturday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Many drivers CBS 58 spoke with today, on June 11, called it a 'blessing'.

This gas station on Atkinson and 8th Street was filled with cars today, with a line going down the street.

It was all thanks to a generous donation by Life Changers Christian Church.

The church began giving out free gas at 2:30 p.m. today.

It was an effort funded by donations to the church.

Dozens of drivers came through this BP because it is the only black-owned gas station in Wisconsin, and they wanted this north side community to feel some love and relief during a tough time for the economy.

"We hope that the community can know that the church cares, that we care, ya know, and the little bit that we can help, we're here to help," said Pastor Jay of Life Changers Christian Church.

"Times are so rough, and the economy is going crazy, and gas prices have been so crazy. So it helps out. It's like a blessing." said Alonzo Johnson, one of the people who received free gas.

The regular gas price at this station is $5.19. So a tank of free gas certainly made an impact.

Pastor Jay with Life Changers Christian Church told CBS 58 the church hopes to be able to do this again in the future.

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