"It's Insanity" --Mayor Responds After Four Shootings in Less than Four Hours

In just 12 hours there were four murders in the city of Milwaukee.

With 115 murders YTD we're getting very close to the numbers from 2015, which were some of the highest homicide rates in a decade.

"Have someone with you all the time. Because these people out here robbing and killing and even if you give them the money they're still going to kill you," said Wanda Patton, whose son Mike was killed Monday, in what she believes was a robbery gone wrong.

Still grieving she told CBS 58 she doesn't feel safe anymore in Milwaukee. She says her son was about to retire and wanted to get out of Milwaukee.

"He said I'm going to Ohio. That's where we're going to move. I said that's good, I'm so glad. Little small town," she said.

But police say Patton was shot and killed Monday afternoon, the first of four murders to happen that day.

20 mins later, around 2 PM a 46 year old man gunned down near 24th & Auer during an argument.

And then around 3 PM, a 23 year old man killed near 11th and Wright.

The violence ended around 1030 PM when a 23 year old woman's body was found during a well-check.

"Every one appeared to be separate and appeared to be senseless," said Mayor Barrett when we asked him about these situations on Tuesday.

While the mayor speaks against it those effected by murder say there's no time to wait for a solution.

"The drugs and the guns, its got to stop. Its bad," said Wanda.

But data from Milwaukee police shows drugs aren't the main cause. That would be arguments. Of the 115 murders this year only eight are known to be drug related; six related to robberies and other crimes.

And while MPF couldn't immediately tell us if more violent crime is happening to innocent victims the community says it only matters that its hitting close to home.

"The shooting and the killing. Every week twice a week. It don't make sense," said Wanda.

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