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"It's good to add some ambient noise:" Tips for keeping your dog safe during fireworks

Don't forget about your pets when the fireworks start going off this week.

Allie Christmas from The Wisconsin Humane Society says you should not take your dogs to a firework show. Instead, they should be at home in a place where they feel secure.

Fireworks make the ground shake and that scares dogs.

Sometimes, their "fight or flight" instinct takes hold and they'll bolt. If you're at home with your dog and it's still scared, here's what Christman says you should do.

"It's good to add some ambient noise, whether it's a box fan, air filter, TV on, radio, something to sort of mask a little bit of that sound so that they don't hear every single bit of it," Christmas said.

If your dog retreats to a kennel or cage for security, you might also put a blanket over it so it feels safe.

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