"It's Crazy": Government Seizes Glendale Home amid Prescription Pill Investigation

“It’s Crazy“: Government Seizes Glendale Home amid Prescription Pill Investigation

The Federal Government has seized a home off 24th and Custer as part of an extensive drug dealing investigation.

According to a criminal complaint, 57-year-old Orvin Kay sold thousands of prescription pills out of the home, and then used the money to pay for the mortgage. 

Kay may have sold more than $1,000,000 in Oxycodone pills, according to a criminal complaint against him. 

Kay's next-door neighbor tells CBS-58 she noticed a new family moved in earlier this year, but wasn't sure why. That all changed when we showed her the report.

     "It's pretty crazy, I didn't know too much was going on, never really saw anything out of the ordinary," says Danielle Bell. "I'm glad he was caught and will do his time for it." 

According to a federal complaint, investigators began monitoring Kay's activity in Fall of 2016. Special Agents tapped Kay's phone and monitored his home through surveillance. On at least 16 occasions, cars would pull into the driveway, and leave less than 10 minutes later.

Text messages between Kay and those drivers, show Kay was distributing Oxycodone tablets by the hundreds, according to Special Agents. 

One of those dealers told investigators he "went down to get pills from Kay on average at least two times a week for $4000 worth of pills," according to the complaint.

Those pills were primarily sold in the Minocqua and Rhinelander areas, per the report. 

Authorities believe the activity was happening from 2010 through 2017, when "Orvin Kay earned substantial sums as a drug dealer by illegally distributing Oxycodone." 

Kay made enough money to pay off the entire mortgage, according to investigators. 

Kay was arrested on February 2nd, and is facing federal drug charges for distribution of Oxycodone. A trial date has not been set. 

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