'It's all fresh': Foodie Andrew Zimmern touts a Midwest favorite -- Culver's

(CBS 58) -- YouTube show "Hot Ones" featured special guest Andrew Zimmern on Thursday, Feb. 17, where he talked about his appreciation for a Midwest favorite: Culver's. 

Zimmern, multi James Beard award winner and host of Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods franchise, sat down with "Hot Ones" Host Sean Evans to eat spicy wings. 

During the visit, Evans asked Zimmern his thoughts on Culver's. At first, Zimmern trashed the famous In-N-Out chain, saying they're the most "overrated" fast food burgers in the nation. Then goes on to say how good Culver's is for about three minutes straight. 

Evans: "What makes Culver's everything that In-N-Out is not to you?"

Zimmern: "Culver's does not freeze anything... there's no frozen meat. It's all fresh. Tomatoes come in there and they are cut by someone. Lettuce comes in there whole and it is cut by someone. It's a smash patty of decent beef that comes on a buttered bun... Nothing gets saved overnight... Some people don't like crinkle cut fries, I'm not a crinkle cut fry guy but I like the Culver's fry, it's just good. I'm there for the burger, it tastes like beef."

Hear more of what Zimmern had to say about Culver's below. Skip to 19:00 for the start. 

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