It Won't Feel Like November 1st!

Unseasonably warm temperatures return for the start of November, and it looks like the trend will continue!  Highs in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees are expected for November 1st.  The normal is 54 degrees, so many spots will be 15 degrees above normal.  We won't be too far from the record high of 77.

Current temperatures are very cold across northern Canada with plenty of snow already on the ground.  The real cold air across the arctic is forecast to stay north during the first week of November.  The AO, or Arctic Oscillation, is the measure of pressure across the arctic.  If an area of low pressure is dominant over the arctic, the upper level winds tend to be stronger, and hold the cold from heading south.

The forecast for at least the first week of November is for unseasonably warm temperatures.  The weekend highs look to climb into the 60s!

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