'It was scary:' Woman attacked outside of east side Metro Market

’It was scary: ’ Woman attacked outside of east side Metro Market

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A woman is recovering after being attacked outside of an east side Metro Market grocery store.

The victim and her friends were sitting on the outdoor patio drinking coffee at Metro Market on Milwaukee’s east side. Her friends say a stranger who seemed normal and polite at first, asked to sit down at their table, and they said yes.

“The next thing you know he's calling people names and got violent and grabbed that bottle,” the victim’s friend Barbara said.

The victim’s friends Erica and Barbara say the man quickly snapped.

“He went from zero to 100 and it was scary,” Erica said.

They say the man hit their friend in the head with a glass candle holder that had metal surrounding it, which was something he was carrying in his bag.

“As I turned around she had her hand on her head and the blood was coming out,” Barbara said.

The woman’s head, elbow, and shoulder were cut open in the attack. Her friends said she needed stitches, but she’ll be OK. Erica, who is a certified nursing assistant, helped her friend until the paramedics arrived.

“I had to think fast, the situation was fast,” Erica said.

Erica and Barbara say what’s so frightening is that this was a random attack. The victim and her friends say they have no idea who the attacker is, only that he seemed drunk and mentally unstable.

“We're shaken up because we sit here to have coffee every morning,” Barbara said.

The man tried to run away after the attack, but Metro Market’s security guard ran out of the store, chased him down and stopped him. Milwaukee Police later arrested the man. The women involved are giving the security guard praise.

“He took his job seriously, he could have let him walk away, and the man could have run off and hurt someone else because where his mind was at, who knows,” Erica said.

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