"It was all a lie" Dantzler's Friend Confesses Alibi Was Fake

CBS 58 News was first to report the sexual assault investigation involving Jermarro Dantzler, a man who ran a group home. He's now facing new charges-- for perjury. And his friend confessed that he lied to help Dantzler.

Tayveon Jackson confessed that he not only lied for Dantzler about the night of the alleged sexual assault, he also says he lied to the district attorney by not telling the whole truth in court records.

Court records reveal shocking perjury claims against Jermarro Dantzler, the man who ran a children's home, and is accused of sexually assaulting a child. Records claim Dantlzer asked his friends to lie for him about where he was the night of the assault. 

Investigative Reporter, Sarah Barwacz tracked down Tayveon Jackson and asked him if he knew Mr. Dantzler? "Yes." (Sarah asking) Did you know he was trying to create a fake alibi? Yes I did."

Tayveon Jackson went on to confess much more, "It all was a lie, it's not real, it's all false, everything is false. (Sarah asking Jackson) So he wasn't with you at all? No he wasn't with us at all." 

Jackson says he agreed to the cooked up alibi with his brother, Gerrard, because Dantzler had a relationship with his brother. The two claimed they were together the weekend of the sexual assault and were too ashamed to admit to their gay relationship. 

"(Sarah) When you lie for somebody don't you think in your mind that this person may be guilty? (Jackson) "I think he's guilty, I mean, I don't think he's guilty, I just think he came up with a scenario because he didn't want his wife and kids to find out he was having a sexual relationship with someone the same sex as him."

The fake alibi went something like this-- Dantlzer was with "two females" that were prostitutes, and Jackson said they went to great lengths to establish this alibi. 

CBS asked Jackson, what did the Dantzler ask you to do? 'He asked me to pose as a woman because I used to prostitute.'

But Jackson said he couldn't keep up his female charade to investigators, and confessed to the district attorney once they approached him.

"(Sarah) Some of this stuff you haven't talked to the DA about all the way? (Jackson) 'Right not all the way.'"

But what he says he didn't confess completely was he came up with the plan.

"(Sarah) What if this child was raped and you helped lie? (Jackson) 'If the child was raped and I helped lie God forgive me, he knows, sometimes we act on our flesh and do crazy things.'"

Jackson says he also hoped that Dantzler would buy him a car at the time he lied because he was homeless. 

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