"It was a nightmare:" Suspect charged after mother attacked in New Berlin Walmart parking lot over shopping cart

“It was a nightmare: “ Suspect charged after mother attacked in New Berlin Walmart parking lot over shopping cart

NEW BERLIN (CBS 58) -- A mother of two was attacked in the Walmart parking lot Friday afternoon. The incident happened over a shopping cart. 

Cori Richardson finished up grocery shopping with her 9-year-old daughter and 8-week old son. When she was walking back to her car, she noticed 60-year-old John Engebos propped his cart on the median, right behind her car. 

"Can you please put your cart away?" Richardson said, "He said, 'No, they have people who get paid to do that."

Richardson said she told him he couldn't leave it there. 

"He came charging right after me," Richardson said. 

According to the criminal complaint, 60-year-old John Engebos "punched and kicked her."

“He threw me to the ground, dragged me so I am scraped up on this side," Richardson. 

According to Richardson, Engebos took her keys and threw them in the parking lot. She said when she tried to get her keys, he attacked again. 

“I have some really bad neck pain, headaches that are constantly coming and going. My head is sore in the back from where he ripped out the hair," she said. 

One witness who called 911 told police she saw the suspect push the cart while Richardson's 8-week old son was still in it. Richardson ran after the cart to stop it. Engebos got back in his car and nearby citizens ran over to stop him. 

Surveillance video shows the suspect backing up into one of the witnesses and then takes off. 

Engebos is facing disorderly conduct, battery and second degree recklessly endangering safety charges. 

“If it wasn’t for my injuries I thought I would have woke up thinking it was a nightmare," Richardson said. 

Thankfully, her children were not hurt. Cori had bruises and cuts from the incident. Her friend set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for medical expenses if you'd like to help click here

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