'It’s important to have that enforcement:' MPD discusses Reckless Driving Reduction Initiative

NOW: ’It’s important to have that enforcement:’ MPD discusses Reckless Driving Reduction Initiative

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It has been three months since the Milwaukee Police Department, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office and surrounding law enforcement agencies announced this year's partnership to focus on reckless driving. 

The Reckless Driving Reduction Initiative started May 1 and in the months since, officers from MPD and surrounding agencies have ticketed hundreds of drivers. 

"We’re looking for with the reckless driving where they’re exceeding speed limit, unsafe lane deviation, rapidly changing lanes, passing vehicles on the right, running through red lights, running through stop signs and failing to yield for pedestrians," said Sgt. Cory Strey.

Since May 1, officers have made more than 1,200 stops and written more than 1,300 tickets. 

"A lot of these main thoroughfares, they cross through other jurisdictions, so having the Milwaukee County, State Patrol, surrounding agencies where these thoroughfares having enforcement on both ends helps to reduce the amount of reckless driving that we’re seeing," said Strey. 

The Reckless Driving Reduction Initiative was started in 2018 by Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales. In 2018, officers made more than 2,600 traffic stops and issued more than 3,300 tickets.

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