"It just happened so rapidly:" Motorcyclist injured following hit-and-run in Milwaukee

NOW: “It just happened so rapidly:“ Motorcyclist injured following hit-and-run in Milwaukee


Caught on camera, a motorcyclist is hit in a Milwaukee intersection and the driver takes off.

That motorcyclist wants that driver found and arrested.

He talked with CBS 58 News.

Armando Orozco says he's been riding motorcycles for more than 40 years but calls what happened at 18th and Lincoln a painful moment that he'll never forget.

"It just happened so rapidly. You don't really expect someone coming from turning lane to cut across from you. The first few days I couldn't even stand up or sit down without assistance," Orozco said.

Surveillance video shows a red car swerving across two lanes and slamming into Orozco as he rode his motorcycle at West Lincoln Avenue and South 18th Street.

He was thrown several feet.

Milwaukee police say they responded to the crash a little before 9:30 p.m. on Friday night.

Orozco's arm is in a sling, he has four injured ribs and peeled skin and bruises.

He's also using a gadget to help with his breathing temporarily.

Now that he's at home recovering, he's calling for the suspect to come forward.

" I can't believe that people will just run you over and just take off with no consideration. There's just so many hit-and-runs in Milwaukee, it's just terrible. I've had a lot of friends that have been in motorcycle accidents, some of them have passed away so it could've been a lot worse. I feel very fortunate and blessed that it wasn't worse for me," Orozco said.

Just a few moments after Orozco was hit, police say another motorcyclist was hit by a car at the very same intersection. MPD is also looking for the person responsible for that incident.

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