"It creates more community engagement:" Wauwatosa police add four new electric bikes

NOW: “It creates more community engagement:“ Wauwatosa police add four new electric bikes

The Wauwatosa Police Officers are adding more power to their pedal by adding four new electric bikes.

The department did their research and test rode different models with the help of Johnson's Bike Shop on North Avenue.

Sergeant Beckam tells us school resource officers will use the bikes. You may also see them this summer patrolling parks and trails where police cars can't go. Beckman hopes the bikes give officers a chance to interact more in the community.

"A lot of times officers in cars with the windows up and the radio on. They don't interact with people on the sidewalk. They don't get to stop and talk to kids. Hopefully, they'll get to interact with people in the community. It creates more community engagement. I feel that I'm more approachable on a bike," said Sgt. Beckman.

Officers still have to pedal the bikes. They come with three different settings.

Each setting adds more power, making it easier to bike hills or trails. Sergeant Beckman tells us the Wauwatosa Police Department is the only department in the midwest using electric bikes. 

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