Is Burlington, Wisconsin "Packers Nation" or "Cowboys Nation"?

If you take a trip to Burlington, it's hard to tell if you're in “Packers Nation” or “Cowboys Nation”.

The town loves and supports its hometown guy Tony Romo, which makes Sunday's playoff game bitter sweet.

If you go to Fred's Burgers located on North Pine Street in Burlington, you will spot a picture or jersey of the Cowboys starting quarterback.

It's fitting seeing that Fred's used to be one of Tony Romo's hangout spots when Romo played football at Burlington High School.

\"I kinda think a lot of people are Packer fans, but when you have someone from your hometown that's an NFL quarterback, that's kind of an exciting thing,” said Fred's Burgers employee Julie Bush. “I think are rooting for Tony, but they want the Packers to win.\"

Customers at Fred's support Romo, but they are rooting for a Packers victory on Sunday.

\"I went to high school in Burlington; Romo went to high school in Burlington, that's great. But I mean this is Wisconsin. I'm a Rodgers die hard guy,” said Fred's customer Matt Wingate. “Packers are going to take this home, and anyone who thinks otherwise is surely mistaken.\"

Customers at a bar down the street on North Pine are rooting for the Packers and the Cowboys.

\"We wish Tony well,” said Burlington resident Barbara Bergervain. “But you know what, I have been born a Packer fan, I am a Packer fan. I wish Tony well. But come on Pack. Go Pack.\"

\"I wish Green Bay the best,” said Burlington resident Paul Thompson. “But I'm sort of a Tony Romo fan, and seeing he's a Burlington boy.”

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