Irish fare in Franklin: Family cooking at Mulligan's Irish Pub & Grill

NOW: Irish fare in Franklin: Family cooking at Mulligan’s Irish Pub & Grill

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Without jumping on a plane and crossing the big pond, you can a get a taste of Ireland in Franklin, Wisconsin.

"It means comfort food. It means something that warms the soul," said Brian Francis.

Francis is the owner and general manager of Mulligans Irish Pub & Grill. His family's roots connect him to Irish heritage.

"When we opened this place, were going on 15 years now, and when we opened this place my goal was to make it a neighbor gathering place. Which is what a traditional Irish pub is supposed to be," said Francis.

At Mulligans, traditional meals such as its award-winning Irish lamb stew are served. Lamb is a popular choice of meat in Ireland.

"Lamb is a lot more prevalent than beef in Ireland. There's a lot less landmass there so there isn’t a lot of room to raise cattle."

There are other dishes on the menu that capture the soul of Ireland such as banger's & mash.

"A banger is just a word for Irish sausage and we served them with our traditional colcannon mashed potatoes and our grilled vegetable."

Francis grew up watching his father cook.

"He learned as he went, self-taught chef, and he owned a restaurant and a motel as well, along with my mother," said Francis.

"They both worked very hard. He learned as he went and made some mistakes and eventually I think he kind of hone his craft," said Francis.

It’s a craft that Francis says made his father a good cook.

"I actually have a little sign that was hanging in parents' bar that mom gave me when we opened."

The sign hangs right over a booth here at Mulligan's. It reads, "Irish lover, 24-hour service, whiskey and songs a specialty."

Francis' dad passed away two years ago, but taught him to work hard and be honest.

You can also enjoy a beer with Irish roots.

"Guinness is a two-part pour. You got to tilt it 45 degrees. Pour it about three-quarters of the way and you have what is called the intermission or the settle and then the top-off," said Francis.

The restaurant has been open for 15 years. Using the same savory recipe, words of wisdom, and a little Irish luck, cheers to 15 more years.

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