Investigation underway after racist stickers found on Marquette University campus

NOW: Investigation underway after racist stickers found on Marquette University campus

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An investigation is underway after racist stickers were found on light poles on the Marquette University campus along Wisconsin Avenue. 

The Marquette University Police Department says the first sticker was found earlier this week and was removed. 

Tuesday evening, on May 3, another 4x6-inch sticker with a different but similar image was found on a public light pole near Johnston Hall. 

There were no words, just this picture alone, enough to upset an entire campus.

"I was just kind of like appalled. It's just weird to see stuff like that," said Erin Spahn, Marquette sophomore.

"It obviously doesn't make Marquette look good. I hope they're able to solve the issue quickly before it escalates and gets worse," said Amjed Kabashi, Marquette freshman.

Police say the second sticker appears to be a historical drawing depicting a Caucasian female in a medieval device meant to prevent speech. 

"I think it's very disgusting that someone's putting this up and feels very comfortable doing it not only once but again twice," said Bella Betancourt, Marquette freshman.

"We're heading into finals and just, we already have a lot on our mind and just that imagery on top of that racist poster with the stickers," said David Faye, Marquette senior.

Students hope cameras posted all along Wisconsin Avenue will lead police to whoever did this.

"I was a little surprised but the meaning behind the stickers seems a little ambiguous right now and I think they're investigating and we'll find out what it was eventually," said Jake Soucheray, Marquette sophomore.

The Black Student Union, on Instagram, called the first sticker "triggering" and said Marquette has a "very serious level of discrimination" and "every single day students of color are forced to experience it".

"I understand from their perspective, it's hard you know simulating to a new environment and just trying to you know connect with people who don't really know or understand where you're coming from," said Faye.

A Marquette spokesperson tells us although the stickers are different in nature, the paper feels the same, and they're about the same size, leading them to believe this could be from the same source. The official Marquette statement says, "Racism and discrimination have no place on our campus".

The university says it cannot speculate on the meaning or intent behind the images, or if the person responsible is a member of the Marquette community. 

All other light poles have been inspected and no other stickers have been found. 

MUPD will continue to search for a suspect and monitor for any suspicious behavior. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact MUPD at 414-288-6800.

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