Intoxicated Woman Drive to West Bend Police Station

An intoxicated woman drove to West Bend Police station to inquire about a friend that was arrested for being intoxicated while driving.

West Bend Officer stopped a vehicle after it drifted out of the traffic lane and struck a curb.

The officer observed signs the driver was intoxicated.

The 22 year old Jackson woman failed the Standardized field sobriety tests, blew a .131% in a PBT, and was arrested for OWI.

While the woman was being booked at the West Bend PD a girlfriend of hers, a 21 year old West Bend resident, drove to the Police Department to inquire about her friend.

An officer met her in the Police Department lobby and the officer observed signs the woman was intoxicated.

The woman failed the standardized field sobriety tests, blew a .148% in a PBT, and she too was arrested for OWI.

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