Interim Milwaukee Police Chief Morales addresses Public Safety and Health Committee

NOW: Interim Milwaukee Police Chief Morales addresses Public Safety and Health Committee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – On Friday the Public Safety and Health Committee held a special meeting to hear from both the new interim police chief and the new interim commissioner of the health department.

First, the committee heard from interim police chief Alfonso Morales who started his speech by saying he won’t let the city down.

He then laid out his vision for the department and answered questions from the committee.

Some of the challenges he plans to address is the shrinking number of officers in the department and the police relationship with the community.

One of the plans Chief Morales has is to assign the same officers to a smaller location so they can get to know that community.

Repeatedly that being your assignment taking ownership for that assignment when you get that call for a couple fighting those are the jones let's go talk to me and Mr. Jones. When you're in the area and they know I have a person I should be stopping and getting to know," said interim chief Morales. 

The committee also heard from the new interim health commissioner Dr. Patricia McManus.

The committee asked her to clarify her views on immunizations after word got out a few weeks ago that she did not support them. Today, she said she’s always encouraged them.

Alderman Mark Borkowski also asked her if she knew about any of the city hospitals wanting to leave Milwaukee which he says would be a “catastrophe.”

“Well I mean I haven’t heard anything recently but I’m not surprised by that but there are certain hospitals that have been hemorrhaging for a while,” Dr. McManus said.

After further questions from Borkowski she said she’d rather talk about it in closed session.

To watch the full Public Safety and Health Committee meeting:

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