Informational meeting held for local contractors to help with Foxconn project

NOW: Informational meeting held for local contractors to help with Foxconn project

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Racine County officials are trying to attract local contractors to help with the construction of the Foxconn project. 

Wednesday morning, dozens of companies showed up to learn how they can get involved. 

The managing construction companies Gilbane Building Company and M+W Group hosted the informational meeting to explain how companies can bid for the work needed to build Foxconn and the surrounding infrastructure. 

The meeting was also a matchmaking opportunity for companies who may not have had the full capacity to bid on projects on their own. Companies will have the opportunity to bid on private projects for the development of Foxconn as well as public projects for the construction of the surrounding infrastructure like roads. Wednesday's meeting focused on the bid for a 100,000 square foot multi-purpose building. 

County officials say the project is very complex and several different skill sets are needed and would like to give local companies the chance to bid.

 "It's not just building construction. You're going to have pad development. You're going to have erosion control. You're going to have site work and so on, so we're going to have a lot of opportunities and that's the detail that's in each bid process to encourage other companies to consider and attend and bid on these elements. 

Ten thousand construction jobs will be created during the project. If a company would like to learn more about the bidding projects, they are encouraged to contact Racine County Executive Jonathan Delegrave's office. 

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