"Incredibly heartwarming:" 5-year-old Milwaukee girl meets woman who donated her a kidney

For the first time since the organ transplant, a 5-year-old Milwaukee girl met the woman who donated her a kidney.

The meeting was a far cry from a month ago when Elizabeth Melius cried herself to sleep every night when she had to hook up to dialysis.

Elizabeth and her mother Beverly got to meet the donor for the first time, a woman named Alyse Bartczack.

Bartczack says that the trouble of donating a kidney is worth it to see a little girl live a normal life. 

"This little girl right here is exactly why I did this. I wanted to help a kid be able to be a kid again. So to see her up and playing and being able to run around is incredibly heartwarming," said Alyse Bartczack.

"Our prayers were that she would get a live donor, and thanks to Alyse she did. And it is very, as Alyse said, overwhelming because somebody we don't even know altered the life for my daughter," said Elizabeth's mom, Beverly Melius. 

Elizabeth has her very last medical appointment next week. Her mother says she hopes she'll be living a normal life in the coming weeks and to have her signed up for swimming lessons in the fall.

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