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In the wake of several hurricanes and drought, local Outpost Natural Foods owners issuing call to action

In the wake of catastrophic hurricanes, One of the worst forest fire seasons in US history, and local concern about drought, Outpost Natural Foods is getting the word out about its commitment to the community and sustaining the food supply.

As it has for years, Outpost continues to find ways to reduce the co-op's carbon footprint and work with co-op owners and the community to do the same.

Earlier this year, Outpost signed on to the Climate Collaborative, an initiative in the natural foods industry whose mission is to work collaboratively to catalyze bold action, amplify the voice of business and promote sound policy to reverse climate change.

"Whether it's a part of your core philopsphy," explained Margaret Mittelstadt of Outpost. "You can look at it as being fiscally conservative."

Outpost says its Mequon store is an example of energy efficiency that any business or individual could also do.

"I think the argument about what's causing climate change is irrelevant," sustainability manager Jessy Servi Ortiz tells CBs 58 News." All these large disasters are having huge impact in community. We need to be a good member of the community and that also means being a good steward to the enviornment."

The Mequon facility use solar power to save energy costs and was built with zero storm water run off.

All water that falls on the site is caught through roof watcher catchments, a rain garden and porous pavement.

The Vermont-based natural products company recently became the 100th company to make the commitment. Others include National Co-op Grocers, Annie's, Dr. Bronner's, Organic Valley Family of Farms and California.

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