'I'm running for my life:' 2 Milwaukee women hurt after brawl in city

NOW: ’I’m running for my life:’ 2 Milwaukee women hurt after brawl in city

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two Milwaukee women are recovering Friday night after they say they were attacked by an angry mob of people. The women say they were beaten in the street near 11th and Locust by dozens of girls who came armed with bats and hammers. 

Alethea Allen says she was the target of the brutal attack. She says a huge group of people came to her home Friday night to beat her up.

“A whole crowd of them, of people running toward me,” Allen said. "There were a bunch of females running with bricks and hammers trying to get me while I was on the ground.”

Neighbors in the area say they saw at least 20 people fighting in the street. Allen claims one person ran her and her friend down with a car. They were both sent to the hospital. Allen's mother witnessed the vicious attack.

“They ran my daughter completely over. When they hit her, she went in the air and came down like a piece of clothing,” the victim’s mother, Tina Allen said.

Allen said she was being harassed for weeks by the women, one of whom was involved with her child’s father. She said they broke into her house, flattened her tires and broke all of her car windows.

Milwaukee Police confirm they responded to the scene after a report of people fighting in the street, but Allen said it ended before officers got there. She feels lucky to be alive.

“What was going through my head was, I was going to die,” Alethea Allen said.  “There were so many of them.”

Milwaukee Police say this is an ongoing investigation and they’re still looking for the suspects. 

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