Iconic Mars Cheese Castle set to Double in Size

Kenosha County's Mars Cheese Castle is planning a major expansion that will double the size of the iconic store off I-94.

Store owners announced plans Wednesday to add 24,000 square feet to their facility, including a bigger warehouse, a new kitchen, and a larger gift/cheese shop.

     "The total square footage including our stock space will be like doubling what we have here," says Co-General Manager Michael Ventura.

Ventura says the biggest change customers will notice is to the inside of the store. They plan on expanding the castle-like theme of the building.

     "We've got it on the outside of the building, and we want to incorporate that on the inside," he says. "Now we get to realize that final dream, the layout of the store the way we really want it."

The store already carries over 600 kinds of cheese, and the expansion will allow that number to grow. 

The new building will feature a bigger dining hall, and new polish on the floors to create a "castle-like feel".

     "The eye appeal is going to be more castle-like," says Co-General Manager Tyson Wehrmeister. "The biggest benefit is going to be the grandeur of the store and it looking more like a castle inside." 

Owners hope to complete the renovation by next April, and plan to remain open throughout the entire process. 

     "We're the ambassador to Wisconsin so to speak," says Ventura. 

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