Ice Skating opening night at Red Arrow Park met by Dontre Hamilton protestors

It almost seemed like two different worlds at Red Arrow Park. On one side families were taking in the winter scenery, enjoying sliding across the ice, ten feet away nearly 100 people gathered in the name of justice for Dontre Hamilton.

“Until something directly affects them, they're not going to be out here. If one of their kids was killed, they would be out here,\" Hamilton supporter Bonnie Pedraza said.

Just as they've done for weeks, supporters of Dontre Hamilton stood in Red Arrow Park, but this time winter festivities were also taking place. One skater said he sympathized with the family.

\"I support the family and I hope they seek justice and I hope justice prevails for them,\" he said.

Then the protestors began their walk through the streets to the fire and police commission meeting, where at times it became tense. One man yelled out to the panel.

\"I come to this meeting as an individual, who is concerned about our community, who is upset in our community, and we've been coming down here for months.\"

The panel reminded him that his allotted two minute speaking time has run out.

At another point there was an outburst from Dontre's mother Maria, who thought police were laughing. She reminded them that if they couldn't take their jobs seriously, to give up their badges.

\"Don't play with the community's lives, if you ain't ready, take the badge off. My son died for one of y'all,\" she said.

Supporters say they simply want to be heard, that they can no longer take the injustices in the community.

\"I am still watching us fighting the same battles, that we have been sitting here watching for 30 and 40 years for justice in this city, even if you can't respond to the people that are sitting here, take it to your heart. You live here too,” one woman cried out.

The Hamilton family has been waiting seven months for a decision from district attorney John Chisholm in Dontre's case.

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