Ice Castle's in Wisconsin Dells to Reopen this Saturday

Ice Castles’ Wisconsin Dells location will reopen to the public on Saturday at 6 p.m. after being closed for several days due to unseasonably warm weather.

The warmer than usual temperatures last week caused Ice Castles’ walking surfaces to become slushy, which would have made for an not enjoyable experience for guests, according to the Ice Castles’ representative.

The walking surface is composed of 8-feet of crushed ice and snow.  

In warm weather this surface becomes wet and slushy.

With the return of colder temperatures, our ice artisans were able to easily prepare the walking surface for reopening, so that we can provide the same high-quality experience that our guests have come to expect from Ice Castles.

Those who purchased tickets to Ice Castles for one of the days the attraction was closed can contact [email protected] to reschedule their visit.

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