Ice and Snow Melt Away

It's been a great stretch of mild weather lately for Wisconsin. While average early March temps are in the low 40s, we've been enjoying upper 40 and 50s the past several days. The mild weather and winds have led to rapid ice melt on Lake Michigan and our snowpack has dwindled away. With temps expected to stay above average through the next seven days, the dirty snow piles in your front yard will be no more than a memory by this time next week. 

Here's a look at snow depth from the Midwestern Regional Climate Center:


And check out the lake ice. What a dramatic change in just a short bit of time:


While we are early in our Meteorological Spring, the next week looks to remain mild. There is, however, a chance for a wintry mix by next Friday, March 20th. There's still plenty of time for that forecast to change, but some colder days look to follow that system. That means you should take advantage of the mild weather while it's around. Temps will be in the 50s and 60s Friday through Monday with dry mainly dry conditions expected.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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