"I was fed up:" Several parents complain about Lakeside Bus showing up late or not at all

“I was fed up: “ Several parents complain about Lakeside Bus showing up late or not at all

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some parents are taking to social media to vocalize their concerns about Lakeside Bus. 

Several parents said that the bus comes late or not at all. 

Every morning, Jermesha Tye's kids get up, get ready for school and wait for the bus. 

"I don't feel like its safe I feel like they are toying with people's children," said Tye. 

But recently, she decided to pull her two kids off the bus and take them herself after Lakeside Bus was consistently late or didn't show. 

"I was fed up," said Tye. 

According to Tye, her kids took the bus a total of eight times since the beginning of the school year.

"As far as them being late, every day," said Tye.

Tye is not alone. A mother recently wrote to community organizer, Tory Lowe, about her issues with Lakeside Bus and in response, dozens of parents expressed their concerns. CBS 58 also spoke with six other parents who didn't want to be on camera who complained about similar issues with Lakeside Bus. 

One stated, "my kids would be out in the freezing cold." Another said, "I have the same problem, it's utterly ridiculous." 

Tye keeps track of the bus through the school's alerts. She's received multiple alerts that the bus would be late either picking up or dropping off her children. 

“They need to be on school on time and brought home in a fashionable manner. I hope they figure it out," said Tye. 

CBS 58 reached out to Lakeside Bus but has not heard back. 

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