'Time to grieve for our employees': Roundy's calls deadly shooting devastating to company, community

NOW: ’Time to grieve for our employees’: Roundy’s calls deadly shooting devastating to company, community

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. (CBS58) -- It's a tragedy that has rocked the Oconomowoc community and the Roundy's employee family.

The Waukesha County Sheriff's Department and several other law enforcement agencies are still working to learn what lead up to the deadly Roundy's shooting. Three people are dead, including the shooter. 

“I am very sorry about what happened to Kevin," Tony Palos said. Palos lives near Kevin Kloth's neighbor. He says he can't believe Kloth is no longer here. “Ah man, that’s not good," Palos said.

Palos says he hasn’t talked to the Kloth family since the incident. He says he’s not sure if he can, because he’s speechless.

“He’s a nice guy, didn’t say much, just say hi and go to sleep," Palos said.

Fifty-one year old Kloth, from Germantown, and 39-year-old Kevin Schneider were both shot and killed inside Roundy’s distribution center Tuesday night.

The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department identified the shooter as 41-year-old Fraron Cornelius of Wauwatosa.

Officials say he turned the gun on himself after his car crashed near 92nd and Townsend.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to family members of the associates involved in this incident," James Hyland said. He is the vice president of communications and public affairs of Roundy's.

Hyland calls Tuesday night's shooting shocking and devastating for all employees.

“I think it’s a time to grieve for our employees," Hyland said.

Investigators say Kloth, Schneider and Cornelius have worked at Roundy’s for 20 years.

They’re still working to learn their relations with one another.

“We’re deeply saddened by this tragic event. This tragedy is devastating to not only our Roundy’s family, but to the community as well," Hyland said.

Employees returning to work Thursday found flags flying at half staff. What happened Tuesday night has them baffled.

“In the time I was on third shift I never saw Fraron talk to either of the Kevins at all,” said Joseph Coleman, Roundy’s worker.

Coleman says Kevin Schneider and Kevin Kloth had more friends on third shift than anybody else.

“But they were like best friends. They were always talking to each other,” said Coleman.

Coleman says there’s been tension at the warehouse. Recently coming off the holidays with a lot of overtime, and dealing with Covid. He doesn’t know much about the shooter, just that he was quiet.

“He was nice if you talk to him. He would nod his head and talk to you, but he was a quiet person and I don’t think anyone saw this coming,” said Coleman.

Roundy’s made grief counselors available Thursday, an important first step for those who were present during the workplace shooting and for those who knew the three men involved.

“Some people will be ready to get right back into work. They’ll want this sense of normalcy. Other people will be more afraid to go to work,” said Arnitta Holliman, grief counselor.

Cornelius has no criminal past. Law enforcement sources tell us the only thing he’s done in 41 years is get a speeding ticket and go to civil court on an insurance claim.

We reached out to Cornelius’ family. His brother says he’s also in shock.

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