'I knew he would come around': Packers fans respond to Aaron Rodgers' return to Lambeau Field

NOW: ’I knew he would come around’: Packers fans respond to Aaron Rodgers’ return to Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58)-- Packers fans can rest easy knowing their star quarterback is staying in Green Bay this season.

Aaron Rodgers walked into Lambeau Field in Green Bay Tuesday morning ahead of Packers training camp.

"I knew he would come around," Becky Huls, a Packers fan from Minnesota, said. "We're super happy. We're excited for the season."

After months of contract controversy, fans are satisfied knowing Rodgers will be on the field this season.

"I really didn't know what was going to happen. I kind of figured that we weren't going to trade him, but I'm glad he's back," Nolan Berendes, a Packers fan from Green Bay, said.

Some fans are a little disappointed Rodgers' return was a question for so long.

"You've got a lot of people who rely on him, depend on him, and you've got a lot of fans, and he's ignoring that," Cindy McCaustland, a Packers fan from California, said.

All of the fans who talked to CBS 58 crews on Tuesday admit the Packers quarterback is vital to having a successful season.

"I think right now they need him, but it's going to be a really good year for (Jordan) Love to get under his wing and learn a thing or two, kind of like Rodgers did with (Brett) Favre," Mitchell Berendes, a Packers fan from Green Bay, said.

Some tiny fans were getting their first day at Lambeau on Tuesday, like Michael Smith and his son, AJ.

"We came up for the first day of training camp, it's his first day at Lambeau, outside of the womb I guess."

Smith said the last time his son AJ was here at Lambeau, he wasn't born yet, which is why Smith said he's excited to take AJ to a game this year now that Rodgers will be back.

"I expected him to come back, mostly because he hadn't said anything all off-season, and I know how the media can be… and he's been kind of taking a hiatus anyways," said Smith.

Other fans checking out the Pro Shop Tuesday, like Stone Thompson, said they could've done without the drama surrounding Rodgers' return.

"I thought it was kind of childish what he did, but I still love the guy, thank God he's back at Green Bay," said Thompson.

Patrick Engleright had a different perspective, he said if Rodgers wants to move on, he should.

"I'm a little bit torn to be honest, it's certainly been fun to watch him over the past few years, but I also feel like sometimes he doesn't really epitomize the Packers organization," said Engleright.

Frankie Loera brought the family up from Milwaukee when he heard the news, and had a much more positive perspective.

"Just having him back in the city, back in Wisconsin, trying to win a chip like the Bucks, man," said Loera.

Even the skeptics said they're excited to see the Packers play again.

"Go Packers," said Engleright, "I've loved the Packers all my life, and can't wait to watch them."

At the end of the day, fans understand that football is a business.

"He's back, and it's all in the past," Mitchell Berendes said. "The only thing we can look to is the season and what we can do in the future."

Training camp begins on Wednesday, and will be open to the public as long as inclement weather doesn't come into the picture.

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