"I have faith in him:" Packers fans react to Hundley

NOW: “I have faith in him:“ Packers fans react to Hundley

Packers fans rooted for a team that hasn't had anyone else starting under center in a meaningful game since 2013. 

On Sunday, they watched Brett Hundley take his first steps as a starter. 

"I have faith in him and I feel like he is going to get better the longer we play with him," said Jethro Steel, fan.

As the packers punched in a touchdown in the second quarter. 

"His running game, his rushing, he is starting to move, he is trying to throw the ball further down the field," said Bill Jordan, fan. 

But the 3rd year quarterback was inconsistent through the air completing less than half of his passes on the day. Some fans were still upset about Rodgers' injury last week.

"I feel like it was pretty disappointing but the sign of a good team is that we carry without injuries. If Rodgers goes down, then it's the next man up," said Steel. 

But despite the loss, fans said they saw a glimmer of hope for the pack and Hundley. 

"Give Hundley a chance when he goes to practice, he is going to do a good job," said Terry Mirkowski. 

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